UNIMORE hosts a robotics lab where robotics technologies can be tested and evaluated up to TRL4 but thanks to the deep connection and collaboration with the companies in the area, the validation can reach TRL6. Furthermore, robotic platforms for evaluating single/multi robot teleoperation systems, cooperative robotic systems and logistic transports are available. The ARSCONTROL DIH (Candidate) can test robotics technologies up to TRL6. Robotic arms are available for testing manipulation tasks and for building and evaluating robotic systems. The Technopole of Mirandola hosts three main labs: • TOXICOLOGY & PROTEOMICS – TOP • APPLIED MICROSCOPY & CELLULAR BIOLOGY – MAB • MATERIALS, SENSORS & SYSTEMS – MS2 Materials, Sensors & Systems (MS2) of the Technopole of Mirandola lab supports companies in the design, development, characterization and validation of new materials, products, measuring systems and equipment up to TRL8. It brings together multiple engineering skills ranging from ICT to mechanics, electronics, chemistry and physics. • Design, feasibility studies and functional prototyping of medical devices, ranging from disposable components up to automatic mechanical tools, measuring systems and medical equipments. • Design, feasibility studies of new materials for medical applications • Chemical/mechanical analysis of materials and medical device components • Development of micro and nano-sensors • Development of micro fluidic systems • Bioprinting and biofabrication with 3D Bioplotter® • Together with MAB, MS2 lab develops new methods for 3D coprinted models of cell culture on scaffold.

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