Realistic test environments for early validation including those used for training. A realistic testing facility that provides itself for testing healthcare technologies. The Center for Experimental Medicine offers laboratory animals from its own animal facility and the possibility of using a fully equipped operating room for medium and large animals. During surgical procedures, we can assist qualified staff of the Experimental Medicine Center. It is possible to conduct animal experiments in the Center. We offer professional assistance in planning experiments and keeping laboratory animals in our animal house. R&D services on animal experiments. The building with an area of 5469m2 consists of a breeding section for rodents, a breeding section for large animals and a scientific and laboratory section. In addition, the Center has an operating room for medium and large animals with DRÄGER anesthesia equipment unique in the country, which allows surgical procedures under full anesthesia and under control of all necessary parameters.

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Center for Experimental Medicine, Medical University of Silesia in Katowice
  • Poniatowskiego 15, 40-055 Katowice, Polonia