We offer conceptual work for the implementation of technological processes, machine construction, construction of workstations and technical solutions related to the implementation of production processes. We provide ready-made projects for the implementation of complex technological solutions. We analyse the reported problems, needs and criteria that must be met in order for the technological solutions to meet all technical requirements. We closely observe market trends focused on innovative solutions. We check the possibilities of their implementation and application in specific conditions of a given company. The essence of any technical project is the need to achieve a reliable and efficient functional tool. Using appropriate and proven design patterns, we offer project management service, project implementation and development of existing tools. We provide safe and secure solutions for industrial control systems, as well as develop specialized electronic devices and efficient information technology tools. In order to improve the functioning of a complex technological application, we will integrate the systems to obtain the best efficiency of this installation and the process monitoring tools. Thanks to our experience and the developed methods of project implementation, we offer activities related to gathering information about the tools available on the market, the current state of technology and development opportunities and trends. Acquiring information on the development of market mechanisms such as demand, supply, prices, consumer behaviour and consumer preferences for the planned product, competitors’ activity, functioning of the system of distribution and sales depending on the desired research objective. Determining the time horizon for a product, product introduction methodology, as well as quantitative and qualitative research. Calculating the project cost based on project indicators. Simulation is currently one of the most important tools for production planning in manufacturing companies. These tools allow for flexible adaptation to the market’s needs, proper adjustment of the machine park and continuous reduction of production costs. We build models of processes that can be simulated by a computer, and then we observe the impact of various parameters on the behaviour of this model. Thanks to simulations, it is possible to test various manufacturing operations already during the designing phase. The models usually contain the most important parts of the processes that are to be analysed. Using models, we examine many different variants of the manufacturing process course. During the simulation, we also introduce disturbances and observe their influence. In our projects, we use many proven systems for modelling and simulation of continuous and discrete processes. We realize simulation projects aimed at optimizing the existing production system or optimally planning a new one.

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