Instituto Pedro Nunes´s Laboratory of Automics and Systems (IPNlas) is a non profit R&D organization that supports companies through custom-design, development, testing and validation in electronics, automation and instrumentation in different markets (e.g i4.0, health and wellbeing) to deliver customized solutions. With almost 20 years of experience, IPNlas is specialised in custom-design and developing electronics, automation and robotics applied to embedded systems, Internet of bodies and medical devices development support. The huge portfolio of innovative solutions in areas such as health and wellbeing, wearable devices, and industry allows IPNlas to deliver customised solutions and cooperate under subcontracting and development services agreements. As a non-profit R&D organization IPNlas’s mission is to collaborate with companies delivering customised innovative technology solutions, allowing expansion of the client’s technical development capacity, with cost/benefit services ratio very competitive compared to European average. The team has very high skilled human resources with several years of experience in innovative solution design for companies; IPNlas always act as a partner in the development process and exists the possibility of analyzing the source of financing for the service and short-term problem identification; As a non-profit organization, the main aim is to create and transfer the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) to the companies namely start-ups.

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