Currently, we are facing a global pandemic, and we as DIH-HERO together with our extensive Robotics in Healthcare European network are fighting against COVID-19 to support healthcare professionals and save lives. 

With the current emergency call to support the fight against COVID-19 DIH-HERO is aimed to explore which medical needs robotics can meet with existing solutions that can be deployed timely, rather than on developing new solutions.

The COVID-19 call is targeted at supporting robotic technologies and solutions in the later stages of development that can be deployed in the healthcare sector quickly, to support healthcare professionals in the fight against COVID-19, satisfying a current clinical demand or need. (the applicant should be aimed to finalise the first demonstrator within 4 weeks, while the whole project must be completed preferably within 8 weeks).

Call duration: 10th of April 2020 – 17th of April 2020


DIH-HERO Webinar about the COVID-19 Call on the 15th of April 2020 at 14.00 (CET).
Please find the recording here (

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