Currently, we are facing a global pandemic, and we as DIH-HERO together with our extensive Robotics in Healthcare European network are fighting against COVID-19 to support healthcare professionals and save lives. 

Besides focusing on emergency resuscitation places, equipment for intense therapy, we use our network for finding, produce and boost the right equipment. Specifically, we explore which medical needs robotics can meet with existing solutions that can be deployed quickly. We worked on this internally with our great DIH-HERO team, 17 partners across Europe, together with EU robotics and the European Commission, but also would like to involve you, as experts in the field. 

If you have a good suggestion on how robotics in healthcare can support the fight against COVID-19, please use the following form to provide the information (proposed solution, robotic companies and contact details). Good examples involve f.e. robots involved in disinfection, logistics, fever monitoring, automated technologies for contactless delivery etc.

Thank you in advance,

Dr. Françoise Siepel, Operational coordinator DIH-HERO

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