Blue Ocean Robotics

Project dates

Full title of the project:
SUStainable support for healthcare professionals Through AI based telepreseNce robots

Short name of the project:

Date of the award:

Project duration:
15 months

Lead Company:
Blue Ocean Robotics (Denmark)

Project Partners:

Fundación Pública Andaluza para la Gestión de la Investigación en Salud de Sevilla (Spain)


“While telepresence robots have been on the market for a while, they are not yet specifically adapted to the healthcare sector but have great potential to aid in situations like COVID-19. SUSTAIN intends to stimulate the transfer of an innovative robotic solution, the telepresence robot GoBe, to the healthcare market. More specifically, the project will introduce the robot to SAS hospitals and based on an extensive user needs analysis, determine features that need to be developed to better integrate the GoBe Robot into the routines of e.g. hospitals and elderly homes. Together with all stakeholders (healthcare professionals, the hospital’s IT personnel, user requirement specialists and robot developers), SUSTAIN will identify core user needs and develop technological innovations for the GoBe Robot, specifically addressing the healthcare market.

Such an adapted telepresence solution contains the additional value-adding potential for three main categories that can be improved by technological advancements: 1) protecting healthcare personnel from viruses while allowing them to maintain required interactions with patients; 2) increasing labour productivity by reducing expenses related to travelling and time management; and 3) keep up contact between patients and their families. Integration of additional technology will noticeably relieve and protect healthcare professionals and contribute towards the stabilization of the entire healthcare system.