Synaptic ApS

Project Key Data

Full title of the project:
Individualized AI-Risk assessment and  autonomous diagnostic healthcare robotics  for automatized pooling

Lead Company:
Synaptic ApS



Diagnostic testing is cost-intensive and environmentally consuming. However, utilizing AI-driven risk assessment pooling with Segtnan™, can result in cost savings of €6,000 and €1,000 per 100 patients tested in scenarios with low (0.05%) and high (40%) prevalence, respectively. In our effort to increase Segtnan™ accessibility, we have initiated the construction of robotic prototypes for automating the AI-based pooling of medical vials.

This will enable healthcare laboratories worldwide to employ the pooling method for various diseases, such as HIV, Tuberculosis, Malaria, and Chlamydia. The funding for this project will be used to market our work by overcoming asymmetric information problems through visual demonstrations.

These demonstrations will display the interaction between the mobile app and the robotic pooling process, highlight the manual tasks that the robot solution eliminates, and illustrate how the robot solution seamlessly executes the AI-pooling workflow.