KOMPAÏ robotics

Project Key Data

Full title of the project:
The multifunctional Kompaï robot helps patients and their carers to combat the spread of COVID 19 in hospitals and nursing homes

Short name of the project:

Date of the award:
May 2022

Project duration:
9 months

Lead Company:
KOMPAÏ robotics (France)

Project Partner(s):

Ramsay Santé (France) Clinic Humana (Spain) IRCCS Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza (Italy) AKTIOS Elderly Care Units (Greece)


KOMPAI robotics is developing robots to help frail people and their caregivers, wherever they live.

Our approach is to consider that robots must be able to do many things for obvious financial reasons. That is why we developed Kompaï as a multi-functional and modular service robot.

Our robots can already do rounds and many other actions, for group or individual animation surveillance during the night, reinforce social links for isolated patients, bring walking assistance, disinfect rooms and much more … See https://is.gd/onNEGC

During this crisis, various experiments have shown that robotic assistants can take part of the repetitive tasks by reducing the exposure to the risks of caregivers, but the developed robots had only one single function.

In this context, we contacted our partners to know what the flexibility of the Kompaï robot could bring them to fight against the spread of the virus in their institutions. We collected 4 different use cases, all possible with the same robot, which is the major innovation we propose, based on the expectations expressed by the 4 partners who strongly believe in our concept.

Thanks to the modularity of the Kompaï robot, like a puzzle game, we are going to set up 4 robots integrating a COVID-19 module answering the demand of healthcare partners which will be tested in real life, hospitals and nursing homes. The COVID scenario includes the following:
– mask-wearing monitoring
– vital signs capture
– temperature capture
– sentinel function
– small logistics (medication, food, objects, medicines …)
– entertainment and social links for fully confined patients
– surveillance of corridors and common spaces

We are adding a disinfection gantry to disinfect the robot (chemical nebulizer) every time it comes back from a confined section with patients.

Our goal in the SYRIACA project is to demonstrate that a multi-functional robot is the best and most sustainable approach in COVID-19 situations, where protocols are not the same from one organization to another one. When the pandemic ends, the robots can return to their regular operations, and they can be quickly mobilized and re-affected in case of emergency