Technaid, S.L.

Project Key Data

Full title of the project:
Exo-H3 Video Brochure

Lead Company:
Technaid, S.L.



We want to make a video of approximately 2 and a half minutes in which the different functionalities of our Exo-H3 are shown. In this video we want to show the origin of the problem it solves, the different existing approaches to solve it and the value proposition of our device with regard to these solutions.

Within the value proposition of our device we want to illustrate:
– The different disorders for which our solution can be used.
– The different technologies with which our device can be copatible.
– The different areas in which our exoskeleton can be used.
– The different success cases in which our device is being used.

All this with abundant use of digital graphics to make the video simple and attractive to the audience