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Unmanned Disinfection Solution

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8 weeks

Rubedo sistemos


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The novel coronavirus crisis has thrust disinfection robots into the spotlight. Several teams of university researchers and vendors have claimed that their systems can help limit the spread of infection by reducing the need for human staffers to clean surfaces in healthcare facilities and other public spaces. These disinfection methods include ultraviolet light and spraying chemicals. However, Rubedos—a Lithuania-based machine vision company working with international partners—has designed an autonomous mobile robot that sprays vapor with a disinfection method that is better and unique in multiple ways.
First, this method is superior to UV and other sprayers because it leaves no residue, can be used on medical equipment and can get into hard-to-reach surfaces.
Second, we sought a bullet-proof disinfection technology that would be harmless to the environment. You can find lots of disinfection approaches on the market, but many of them lack a scientific background and certification, some have poor efficiency, and others can harm the infrastructure over time — such as UV-based disinfection. Our technology utilizes ionized hydrogen peroxide mist spray, which is non-toxic and leaves no residual deposits on disinfected surfaces other than water vapor and oxygen. It is non-corrosive, friendly to various materials, and does not damage medical equipment and computers.
Third, it eradicates 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi, including SARS-CoV-2. The room becomes virtually sterile.
The innovation of the solution lies not in the individual standard components, but the integration of said components for the particular robotic use-case
Additionally, the solution is equipped with the Rubedos VIPER visual perception system so the machine can detect people and avoid spraying disinfection directly at them.
When the disinfection process is complete, the robot returns to the terminal charging station and stays put until the next disinfection round. The operator can command the robot to disinfect a specific target area at any particular time.

Major project results and impact created by the autonomous disinfection robot with ionised hydrogen peroxide spray, VIPER Perception System and smart navigation system named ORCA:

  • Spraying disinfection solution validated in the clinical settings and by the virus biomarkers