The main goal of the INCITE project was to develop a technology platform that will enable advanced sensing/imaging, tracking and steering functions to be integrated into millimeter size in-body catheters and laparoscopes for emerging complex minimally invasive cardio-, neuro-, and peripheral vascular interventions. The INCITE project investigated and developed catheter and laparoscopic systems based on intrinsically compact and advanced technologies.

Declaration of impact

INCITE was aiming to develop intelligent catheter and laparoscopic technologies and systems that will accelerate the paradigm shift from costly, burdensome surgical treatments to cost-effective and patient-friendly minimally invasive interventions. It will also enable the creation of new advanced treatments for currently complex surgical procedures. Most importantly, an intelligent catheter or laparoscopic platform will allow advanced functions to be integrated into small devices that can address a wide range of complex interventions in a cost effective and industrially feasible manner while simultaneously improving the therapeutic outcome for the patient.

One key platform technology that will advance systems significantly beyond state-of-the-art is that based on integrated circuits and silicon processing. With microelectronics technology, it will be possible to construct many of the key components in the system, including sensors, imagers, electronics and interconnects. Using this technology, the components can be extremely miniaturized, multiplex-capable, and have natural integration interfaces to each other.

Consortium partners